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    Day: Monday - Friday (Weekends by request)

    Time Slot: Slots available between 9am - 17.00pm (Evening slots by request)

    What: 1 1/2 hour session + a PDF summary from your session

    Where: Face to Face, Skype, FaceTime, FB Video Messenger

    Cost: £100 approx 128 USD

  • "Get to know your audience and target market. Do not sell, sell and sell. Focus on the solution - how can you help your client? Tell your brands story and why you are in business.  Engage with your people. Let your personality shine through your business - You are your brand." ~ Cath

    My passion for online marketing and social media started with MySpace in 2006. MySpace was an excellent platform to promote music, photography and art, and I was blown away by the networking opportunities and contacts you could create worldwide. I sent one message to a venue in Europe – and it created an opportunity for me to travel to Iceland, attend a business meeting and pitch my idea to the venue.

    Over the years I have worked with charities, musicians, small businesses, as well as Lightworkers and I, feel that our approach to social media has changed over the years – which is a good thing. Nowadays we are aware of the effects on our mental health and well being if we use social media in an unhealthy way. I encourage you to use social media - but use it with purpose and do not feed the negative aspects of social media. We know it's there - but we all have a choice of how to cope and deal with it. 

    If you are in business or are considering starting; then social media will help you to develop your business, build relationships with the people you want to work with, engage with new clients, increase your sales, establish your brand, introduce a new product or service and improve customer loyalty.

    A tip: Share your story and why you are in business. People buy into who you are and not what you sell. ~ Cath B

    Social Media Management

    If social media is not your cup of tea; I offer monthly bespoke social media management as well. Are you curious to work with me? Fill in the form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

    Swedish: Min coaching och mentoring är givetvis tillgänglig på svenska. :)

  • Be more social with Cath B