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    Day: Monday - Sunday 

    What: Three Card Email Reading - One Question or General Guidance

    What Do I Need? Your first name, an image and your question

    Where: Email - Pdf File

    Cost: $32 | £25 | 307 SEK

  • My aim is not to predict your future, instead, a reading with me is designed to guide you through difficult times, encourage you to move forward and help you to clarify any dilemma or obstacle you may struggle with.

    Issues such as your spiritual growth and development, purpose and soul mission, your job and career, your business, relationships and much more are handled in a professional, confidential and compassionate manner.

    Spirituality has always been a big part of me since I was a child. I can hear and see spirits, just like my mother. Sensing and seeing Spirit around me became natural for me and knowing that spirit always have my back has been a tremendous comfort. The things I have experienced is the reason why I am a believer and they have helped me so much. And I suppose that is the reason why I felt so different as a child, I knew I was different and I didn't want others to think that I was a freak. It wasn't until I started to read James Van Praagh's books in the 90's that I understood that I wasn't alone and I was definitely not a freak. I bought my first tarot deck in 1997 and dived into the world of tarot and intuition. After doing tarot readings for friends and family for years; I decided to launch my Tarot website Cosmic Moon in January 2011. I have worked and supported clients all over the world. Nowadays I only have one website and I blend it all together here at Cath B. 

    To order your reading, please fill in the form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours. 

  • Spiritual Reading


  • Cath is amazingly intuitive! Every reading I get from her is spot on! She is so compassionate with her writing, especially with delicate subjects. She is so tuned into the universe, I know she is getting her messages from a Higher Source. I trust her to read for me and I highly recommend her to everyone. I am a repeat customer, she never disappoints with getting messages from Spirit to me. Thank you for your services, Cath.


  • Oh Cath, you choked me up as you are so accurate with everything you said. I have already decided that I want to move from where I am both in my life and where I live. To move and leave a lot behind is exactly what I want to do. I am so happy with your reading even if it did make me choke up. Thank you so much.


  • Thanks, Cath, for your very interesting and intuitive reading, which once again resonated with me on many levels. I’ve had several readings with Cath over the last few years and in everyone, there were parts of it which have been uncannily accurate in either reflecting things going on in my life or events which subsequently happened. She’s a natural.